Mobile Controlled Digital Signage in Leicester

Allow your customers to control screen content from their mobile
Free yourself from a static presentation

Come out from behind the lecturn and move about. Even leave your laptop at home. If you have your presentation on your mobile then that's all you need!

Safedata Logistics has done it again! We have only gone and created a pretty spectacular feature that none of our competitors has. Display Hub has many unique selling points but does your current digital signage solution allow your customers/delegates to take control of a screen via their mobile phone? No, then read on…..

How did this feature come about?

During a client meeting, we were discussing the finer points of displaying content on a screen. At the time, I didn’t have my laptop on me and then I had a eureka moment. Maybe your customers do not need to bring laptops into your business when utilising your conferencing facilities. How do we allow them access into Display Hub securely and access the screen available to them?

Not being tied to a laptop gives your customers freedom to move around whilst still utilising the facilities. Freedom to walk about and engage their audience.

Image module
Image module
How does it all work?

Let’s just go with pixie dust and a little bit of magic. Hey, we cannot give all our secrets away! What I can say is we harness the power of the modern phone camera and a QRcode. This then creates a secure and unique session which is locked down the companies browsing IP address. I appreciate at this point I have gone a little geek. Data security is at the heart of all we do so where can lock it down, we will.

The customer/delegate simply needs to point their camera at the screen and it will read the QR code. This activates a push notification which once clicked will open a web app in Safari or another browser. This is it. They are now connected to the screen.

The screen is constantly checking for uploaded content. If it cannot find anything then it will stay defaulted to the holding page. If the customer/delegate takes pictures with their phone or uploads photos they are presented with options to display on the screen.

It is all very cool and yet another feature we are very happy with.

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