Innerwolf Designed, Built and Hosted Magento site by Safedata Logistics

Website design and build for Innerwolf. One of the UK's leading dog and accessory suppliers.

Website Design and Magento upgrade for Innerwolf

Ady specialises in selling dog products and accessories across the UK and Europe.

This introduction was through my sister. She worked with Ady in his shop selling dog products and accessories. They had a Magento site which made sales it just looked dated and was incredibly slow. Now there are dog accessory websites and there is Innerwolf.  What Ady doesn’t sell isn’t worth selling. His product range is huge which at first was a little daunting. Anyone that knows anything about Magento will understand this.  It is the most time-consuming part. We also need to upgrade the solution to the latest version. Again, not an easy process in Magento. I have been in this game for over 25 years now and there isn’t anything I will shy away from. We took the site, polished it into the diamond it is today. Safedata Logistics has successfully run and maintained this site for about 2 years now. It runs on our super fast server and has not missed a beat.

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Built-in Magento v1.9+ and hosted on our Cloud Servers

The website is built using Magento and also runs WordPress for the blog. The two systems are merged and seamlessly integrated.  There are many eCommerce products on the market. Personally, I spent 8 years building and managing Magento sites so felt comfortable with this product. WordPress I could develop in my sleep I think and anything WordPress just comes second nature to me. We integrated WordPress for the CMS pages as anyone who knows Magento will know that this is not it’s the strongest feature.

Mobile was also key in this build. It delivers on this and hopefully the above too. It is optimised for all mobile devices. The solution runs on our Safedata Logistics Gold Web Hosting. Have a browse and see what the speed is like. It also has a caching plugin installed which gives it a little extra boost. The hosting packages start from £12 per month. E-commerce websites of this size are generally priced between £1000 and £3000 depending upon the number of products.

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Website Features and Functions

The website has some lovely features. It has been given a rugged look and is pixel perfect. The fonts work fantastically well on this site. It is a fully functional ecommerce website. All contact forms utilise Google ReCapture Invisible which enhances the user experience. It scrolls and moves, animates text and floats objects effortlessly whilst you navigate around the website. We are very proud of it as I know the client is. Proud enough to leave us a 5 star review. Check this out on Google (5 star review).

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