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Re-thinking room service for the customer whilst thinking of our clients pockets. Digital signage optimised for the hospitality industry.

The problem with room service as we know it

We accept it because this is the way we order room service right?

Imagine the situation, you arrive in your hotel room. You drop your bags, you may have had a busy day at the office. Well, this was me a few weeks ago whilst travelling around spreading the word about Display Hub. If you didn’t know Display Hub is our digital signage solution. One thing that is always a frustration for me whilst in my room, is room service. I didn’t feel particularly sociable and really didn’t want to have to leave the room. I don’t know about you but one of the first things I do is take my work clothes off and get my comfy’s on. That’s it, my decision is made I’m not leaving. Picking up the phone I dial ‘0’.

Ring ring, ring ring…. hmmm no one is answering. That’s annoying! Now, what to do? Leave it a min and have another go. This seems like such an antiquated way of ordering food and drink. This is common across most hotels across the UK. Finally, you do get hold of reception and you try to make your order. There is back and forth whilst we find out what is actually available and then hooray! it’s complete…..now the wait.

Is there an alternative?

Well yes, there is now!

Our clever bods at Safedata Logistics have been pondering how do we make this better. Again, we approached it in a way that would not impact the client’s customers or add great expense to our clients. Each registered business has a unique reference and each room in the hotel will also have a unique code. This is how we identify the room. Using this logic we are able to produce QR codes. These codes can be printed onto media to be inserted into the bedrooms. We see this being inserted into the welcome pack. Some hotels may like to include it on the WIFI card or even make a feature of it by vinal printing it and putting it on the wall. Lots of options here but all very easily rolled out and can cost pence little per room.

A customer using an iPhone can simply take their camera and hover it over the QR code. This will send a notification to the user’s device. Clicking on the link will load room service onto the phone.  We are working on a Android version but this involves an app. In our expereince, if you ask a customer to download something first then this is not going to happen. Our current solution for Android is a URL they need to go to, then enter two codes into their phone. This will result in the same end result as the iPhone option.

Mobile and convenient

Clean and smart solution

Everything is mobile these days and what better way to order food to your room. The service is only available whilst you are connected to the hotel wifi and if you connect via the codes or QR code. The service is NOT an app and that is an important note! We are not asking your customers to download anything to utilise this service. It uses the power of the devices internet browser. The customer can then browse at their own leisure.

The beauty of our system is that it is connected directly to the kitchen. The kitchen gets all the orders directly via a screen installed. We appreciate this is an extra cost but this allows them solution to run smoothly. The device in the kitchen is a touch screen and any new orders will be clearly displayed on the screen.

Anything not available can be flagged by the kitchen which will in-turn reflect on the customer mobile device. This will stop the awkward conversations of explaining that what they ordered is now not available! I have had many of those conversations.

This solution can be linked up to a payment gateway like PayPal or if the hotel or conference centre has their own solution, we can look to integrate with this. Failing this, the order can be sent to reception to be added to the bill.

Premium option

Touch screen embedded into room

Essentially this is the mobile version but permanently installed in the room. This means that the customer can simply approach a sleek, smart screen embedded into a wall within the bedroom. Yes, this is an increased cost per room but it a premium feature for your best rooms. Your customers deserve the best and if you want to add a touch of premium and class into your room then this option is for your hotel.

Scalable and Cost Effective
Making market leading technology affordable
£8 / per month / per room
  • Access to room code and QR generator
  • Printable media / Ideas for installation
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Integrated Kitchen Touch screen
Smart solutions for hotel bed rooms
£10 / per month / per room
  • Links kitchen to each room
  • Communication between kitchen and bedroom
  • Food available status
  • Optional payment gateway integration.
  • One off £500 Setup Fee
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Image module
Touch Screen
Varying prices based upon size and qty
Screens are provided by a third party and this can be shared. Example 22″ touchscreen from £500.
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Linked to kitchen
A sleek solution allowing your customers to order room service quick and effectively.
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Encourage feedback from your customers
Feedback above a score can be fed directly into Trip Advisor if that is a requirement. All feedback is track and monitored within DisplayHub.
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