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  • Our business address is 25 Abbey Close, Shepshed, Leicester but you will mostly find us out and about with our customers.
    We are global so no matter where you feel free to make contact with us.

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Whether you already have digital signage in place or you are thinking about it, make contact. It costs nothing to talk and we will even buy you a coffee if your willing to meet up and you live in the UK. If you are outside the UK we can arrange a Skype call..

Safedata Logistics is a software development company who produces unique solutions for our customers. Currently, we have two products available. These are Display Hub and Data Hub.

Display Hub is an intuitive easy to use, Cloud-based, centrally controlled signage solution.

Our new to the market product is smart, easy to use and intuitive. It does not require software updates or fancy boxes to make it work. It simply requires an internet connection and a web browser. It will work on all screens from 7″ to 65″+ as long as it has an HDMI input. Smart TV’s require a neat little device that you simply plug and play.

Content is delivered by prebuilt templates that our experts have created for you. Simply drop in images and text where you are allowed. Display Hub has a powerful scheduling tool which will allow your business to easily set what gets displayed, when and which screen(s) to show it on. There is far too much to detail here so pop along to https://safedatalogistics.com/displayhub to find out more.

Data Hub a unique solution that I have taken from concept to product after being immersed into the world of GDPR, which affects the majority of businesses. GDPR is all about documentation and proving that you have the relevant permissions around the data you hold within your business. It is also about having a thorough understanding of the data you have within your business.

Imagine the worst case scenario; your company experiences data loss or a breach in security. You have 72 hours to prove what data you have within your business, where it resides and the reasons for retention. Safedata Logistics provides you with an effective solution that will locate personal and sensitive data wherever it may reside. It allows it to be securely held in a central location where you can provide the controls and reasons around retention.

Although this won’t prevent the breach, it will provide answers to the auditors. Can your business afford a 4% fine based on your annual turnover? If not, then it makes sense to plan for the worse? The fine is based on lack of procedure and processes in place to protect your customers data. Our system records and tracks all access to any data it knows of and has been asked to monitor.