Display Hub is an intuitive easy
to use signage solution

Cloud based centrally controlled system

Safedata Logistics presents a new digital signage solution. Our digital  product is smart, easy to use and intuative. It does not require software updates or fancy boxes to make it work. It simply requires an internet connection and a web browser. It will work on all screens from 7″ to 65″+ as long as it has an HDMI input.  Smart TV’s require a neat little device that you simply plug and play.

Content is delivered by prebuilt templates that our experts have created for you. Simply drop in images and text where you are allowed. Display Hub has a powerful scheduling tool which will allow your business to easily set what gets displayed, when and which screen(s) to show it on. Sound good? Great, get in contact with us now…

Safeguarding your business
against high fines

Wrapping your company data in a consent blanket

DataHub has been developed in line with the ISO270001 accreditation and the release of GDPR. Our product is unique on the market and is installed within your network on a shared or standalone server. The satellite scanners are installed on all PC’s, Macs, Laptops, Servers within the network that require monitoring. The feeds are then sent to a centrally controlled solution that allows the business to wrap the found data with the relevant consent and retention reasoning.

Who are we and what do we do?


We have been developing digital solutions since 1999 for large blue chip clients on a global scale

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Digital Signage @ Safedata Logistics
Digital signage is not new on the market. It is reasonably new though for certain sectors. We are aimed towards hospitality and with that it allows the system to offer services like direct feedback into Trip Adviser and a touchscreen concierge services for room service. We believe in our product and love its simplicity. Having worked with clients all over the globe we know it is about ease of use and user journey,
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Safeguarding data @ Safedata Logistics
We are very proud of this solution. A year in the making, it works seamlessly within your network. Just knowing that there is a digital pair of eyes watching and monitoring personal and sensitive files on your network. We cannot stop a file being lost or a data breach from happening. However, when the ICO come knocking and want answers then you can sit back and relax because Data Hub will be able to answer all of their questions.
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Fancy working with us?
Do you have a project that you need a specialist to take a look at? If so, come and have a coffee and a chat with us. I can’t promise we will make the drink but I’m sure we can find a fantastic coffee shop. In over 20+ years we haven’t been presented with a problem that we couldn’t find a solution for.
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Cost Effective Digital Signage

If your business has the need to display messages to your customers they Display Hub is for you. Our monthly subscription product allows you to cost-effectively delve into this digital world. How do differ from our rivals though? Well, our solution in innovative and does not require special equipment or software. This reduces your setup costs, ongoing monthly costs and support and maintenance.

Ease of use
Setup speed
Cloud performance
Happy customer

Features of Display Hub


Access from anywhere at anytime on any device. Whether you start with 1, 5, 30 or 10,000 screens. The online portal makes creating content and scheduling simple.

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Scheduling content
Our clean and intelligent scheduler makes it easy to assign content to a screen. Do not worry about over scheduling the system will monitor this for you. Display content on 1 or more screens by selecting them from the list available.
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Growing your digital signage
The beauty of Display Hub is that your business can start slowly and build up the devices within the business as and when budget allows. We have a very simple routine to add devices. The routine creates a unique code that can be paired with the device. Where it can be, we have devised it to be plug and play.
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Creating content is as easy as 123
Having used content management systems for many years our team of experts have decided upon a templated system. We will provide so many templates you will never run out of inspiration. Simply replace the dummy content in the template. It is easy to do and you end up with a design that is tried and tested. We do not believe in reinventing the wheel. We prefer to spend our time making that wheel turn more efficiently.
Built in-line with the ISO270001
Encrypted content to protect your data
Our system hasn’t been designed to retain sensitive and personal information. We certainly do not ask for it. However, we know that our users could potentially enter anything and for that reason, our solution is secured. Data and content that is displayed on the screen are encrypted in the database.
Quality Assured
Built to be future proof
Cloud-based solutions that will grow with your business. Easily scalable and will flex in your busy and quiet periods. Whether you want to roll out slowly or at a pace our digital signage solution is the right choice for you. Be assured that it has been built by a team who have over 20 years experience.

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Safedata Logistics are always looking for entrepreneurial people

We are wanting global success and will not stop until our products are in every hotel, conference centre, venue, shopping centre and corner shop. If you feel you can add value, get in touch!